I hate it that I’m writing about Hurricane Katrina for 3rd graders six years later. I hate that I wasn’t writing about it when it was happening. I hate that now I have to write it stripped of the politics and devastation, just like I did with Jamestown. I hate that I feel like my characters should all survive, should be reunited with their dog, should all learn the ubiquitous “at least we’re together” message when their house gets washed away.

I also hate that I had to take “The Study of Parapsychology” out of the Unsolved Mysteries unit for religious reasons.

I hate that there can’t be “Before Birth” and “Your Parents” sections in the unit on physical and emotional health.

I hate that having a section on the Big Bang Theory (not the sitcom, but the actual theory, worded exactly like that) has to even be a question.

But I’m not the Editor. Technically I don’t even really work here. I’m a temp in the Editorial department so I’ll do what I’m told. In all honesty I will go above and beyond; likely, I will do even more than I’m told. Until I’m an editor somewhere else and do my job operating on my fundamental assumption that facts are not a matter of taste.


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