We all were in this place at some point in life: we were so desperate to get the project done that we wouldn’t care where we got the text from. At first, we would copy things off the internet and hope for a miracle. Sadly, however, most universities nowadays use plagiarism detection software – so now that’s off the table.

So what do we do now? Obviously, we go for the next easy thing: we ask someone on the internet to do it for us. And because we’re all paranoid parrots, we ask “reputable companies” for help instead of asking some random freelancer.

I was one of those “paranoid parrots,” and I’m not proud to say that I failed five out of seven classes… pretty much because I only had time to write two essays myself. And apparently, those were the only ones that made sense to my professors. Here are some short reviews of the websites that I used for those essays:

1. EssayServices

EssayServices review

I asked for a college-level research paper, and I was able to contact them right away. The staff communicated with me properly, so I had no reason not to believe them. They even offered me some excellent EssayServices discounts, so I thought for sure they were legit.

I received the paper three days early. So far, so good – and it would have stayed that way, if it wasn’t packed with mistakes so horrible, it made it embarrassing. Poor research, horrible grammar – I hoped my professor would at least give me a passing grade for it, but I had my hopes too high. Conclusion: horrible experience.

2. StudyBay

StudyBay review

I tried this one because the StudyBay prices were so low that I thought for sure it was a catch. Starting at $6, I could get a written paper and still have pocket money for take-out. Here’s the thing, though: it’s a “bidding system.” So if you can talk the author into giving you a good price, you can pay $50 for an 8-page research paper. If not… well, you can kiss your lunch money goodbye because they offer no promo code and coupon codes. The quality of writing was also low with the writer that I got, so I can’t say I was happy with my purchase.

3. SameDayPapers

SameDayPapers review

Considering that prices start at $23 per page, I was reluctant to go for this service. However, since the other cheap essays were such a disaster, I thought that if I went for something more expensive, I’d get at least something good to write in my SameDayPapers review.

Boy, was I wrong. The language was full of errors – mistakes that were obvious even to me, a foreigner studying English. Imagine what would happen if a native ordered that. Plus, the paper was eight pages of fluff. It’s as if they deliberately tried to write eight pages without caring about the substance.

4. WriteMyEssatToday

WriteMyEssayToday review

Don’t trust the WriteMyEssayToday testimonials; it’s a trap! I’m pretty sure they only added there the few good ones they got and left out the bad ones. They claim that all their writers are certified, but what I god was a text that was poorly researched, beating around the bush and packed with odd sentence structures. My rating for this one is very low – and you don’t even have to ask me why.

5. GetEssayDone

GetEssayDone review

When I looked through customer GetEssayDone reviews, I actually found some good ones, so I thought I might be lucky this time. I was wrong. It was packed with lack of paragraph transition, odd structures, out-of-date resources, and grammar that was by no means university level.

These websites were not fraud or scam because I eventually got the papers. The bigger problem was that I was scammed of five passing grades by purchasing them.