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There are multiple online writing services on the Internet, and they just keep on coming. Are they all good? Not even by a long shot. Most of them are either frauds or simply inefficient. One of the most recent ones is writemyessaytoday.net. Let’s see what the deal is with Write My Essay Today.

Overall Impression Upon Entering the Website

Alas! As fast as you hit the “Home” button and scroll a little downwards, you’ll get a migraine. Why? As far as we are concerned, in order to own a “paper writing service,” you need to know how to write in English correctly. By the way, a comma is not something you can put wherever you like.

Writemyessaytoday aims at keeping it short. Too short. “There will be no plagiarism, we have competent writers, we respect deadline” – the bull's eye of any given online academic service.

But here’s the inside scoop: you can’t make sure that those writers are indeed professional (considering the text on the homepage is catastrophic). Second of all, the WriteMyEssayToday testimonials are obviously fake. 2 sentences do not make a testimonial, especially when all of them are positive.

Customer Reviews

As mentioned previously, the reviews are evidently forged. When you are as good as you claim, there should be at least one customer to the point that out in an all-encompassing review. This doesn’t happen here. On Top Writing Reviews, the company has only one review, and that is negative (albeit the reviewer’s primary language isn’t English).

The site is copyrighted for this current year, and there is little to no information on the history of the service. But that doesn’t stop them from bragging on the slide on the homepage that each of their writers had more than 200 orders each (+80% satisfaction rate, by the way).


Cutting it to the chase: none. There’s no promo code and no coupon codes either. Something smells fishy. What about the prices? They vary from $10 to $197.

That’s not bad, not bad at all, but there’s something peculiar about the following aspect: they ask for payment before you get the actual paper. No, thank you. There is nothing that could justify beforehand payment, so don’t let yourself be fooled. If there were more info on the company, maybe. If the testimonials were trustworthy, again, you could have done that, but in these circumstances, this is above eerie.

Our Rating

This review is short and succinct, like every review should be. Writemyessaytoday.net is not a fraud or scam at the first sight, but it’s not far from it. There’s a tremendous lack of information and embarrassing grammar mistakes all over the website.

We recommend you stay away from this company. The money you spend should bring you some decent quality. Unfortunately, it’s not the case here. The proof that the company is not a fraud are the very few comments that clearly state the company’s quality leaves a great deal to be desired.

Our rating is 1 out of 5.

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