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If anyone ever said a trustworthy academic paper writing company is easy to find, that person was either lying or unaware of the fact that it’s actually difficult. There are so many of them that you can’t make sure you’re going with the right one.

Let’s speak about, a rather experienced (no, really) writing company that fringes both the real and the unreal.

First Look at Get Essay Done

When you enter GetEssayDone, you might get a bit of schizophrenia. There’s too much clutter not to give you a headache. Tons of colors attack the eyes, and honestly, it’s painful just to scroll down.

Some of the pages are incomplete. Therefore, they have a bulk of text on the top, and the rest of the page is blank. The website promises a lot: no plagiarism (we’ve heard it before), money back guarantee, non-stop customer support and delivery on time, among others. However, there’s no way for us to verify all this info.

The design is absolutely unbearable; you can’t even read the lines on the homepage without feeling nausea building up in your stomach and head. Too many colors, too much clutter, no sense whatsoever, a lot of graphics (different-colored, of course) and nothing that can actually help a student or anybody else make a good decision. A major “thumbs down” for this.


There are no GetEssayDone testimonials on the company’s website, not even positive ones. There are a few customer reviews that can be found outside of the website itself, and all of them point out the obvious: the company is lame. We expected this.

There was a case in which two close friends received the very same paper. That says it all, doesn’t it? It’s obviously a waste of money and time to even try the company out. A reputable company is far from being reputable when there are no reviews to back that professionalism up. This is where the company falls to the ground and passes as unserious.

What about the Discounts?

There’s a discount of 15% for placing your first order with the promo code “Start 15, ” and that’s it. There are no coupon codes whatsoever. As for the prices, they don’t stray far from the average, so at least one wouldn’t lose that many funds (which doesn’t justify using the service in any way).

Our Rating

If there was more information on the writers, or on the entire company for that matter, the verdict of our review would have been a lot better. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. is not a fraud or scam, but it isn’t a good choice either.

We know it’s hard and annoying to find a good writing company, but believe us, this isn’t what you’ve been looking for. The company lacks a lot of vital information, testimonials in particular. You cannot trust a service that nobody ever reviewed positively. So keep searching for another company, lest you lose your money for nothing.

GetEssayDone review